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Patient files lawsuit following heart surgery

Citing negligence, a married couple in Illinois filed suit against multiple parties, including the University of Chicago Medical Center, for alleged injuries that the husband suffered as a result of a heart surgery performed at the hospital. The lawsuit was filed in Cook County Circuit Court almost two years after the 2012 heart surgery and seeks $50,000 in damages.

The lawsuit states that the operation took place on July 19, 2012, and that its aim was to remove a cardiac defibrillator that had previously been implanted in the man's chest. According to the couple's claim, the man suffered an extended flatlining of his vital signs and a tear in his heart wall during the surgery. Purportedly, these medical mistakes left behind debilitating effects from which he continues to suffer.

Lawsuit filed against Illinois hospital after woman's death

On Sept. 9, it was reported that a Cook County woman filed a lawsuit against St. Bernard Hospital claiming that emergency room staff members failed to recognize that her mother was suffering cardiac irregularities. The plaintiff's mother died at the hospital later the same day.

The lawsuit was filed on July 31. The claim named two doctors, two registered nurses and the hospital as defendants. The lawsuit claimed that the plaintiff's mother was brought to the emergency room on Aug. 2, 2012, after she could not catch her breath. She was allegedly not assessed until approximately 40 minutes after she arrived at the emergency room. Once a nurse looked at her, the lawsuit claimed that the nurse could not find the patient's blood pressure.

Failed or erroneous diagnosis or treatment

Chicago residents and people nationwide place a great deal of faith in their doctors. Despite their experience and knowledge, the best doctors sometimes make medical mistakes with respect to diagnoses and treatments. If such errors cause either injuries or the progressions of diseases when those circumstance would not have resulted otherwise, it is likely that the doctors who erred could be found liable in medical malpractice suits.

The key consideration to take into account when assessing the strength of a potential medical malpractice lawsuit is what another health care professional would have reasonably done if presented with similar circumstances. When a doctor fails to take a patient's actual diagnosis under consideration or lists it as a possibility but rules it out without performing additional testing or other due diligence, a strong case for malpractice can usually be made. However, it can sometimes be difficult to prove an untimely diagnosis caused someone's condition to worsen.

Wrong-site surgery could happen in Chicago

A wrong-site surgery occurs when a surgical procedure is performed on the wrong place in the body. A similar medical mistake would be performing the wrong procedure or performing a procedure on the wrong patient. While these may seem like impossible incidences, they are more common than one might think. Data from the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority suggests that the number of wrong-site surgeries is not decreasing.

According to a report from the PPSA, some common events included wrong-site anesthetic blocks, wrong vertebral level for spinal surgery, operating on the wrong hand or eye, and wrong-side pain blocks. These often resulted from misinformation on the OR schedule, physical examination or from the informed consent process. Safety procedures to avoid these mistakes include very clear workflow procedures such as verbal verification between surgeons and nurses through all parts of the process. Initials should be used next to each procedure, and written as well as verbal verification should be provided.

Lawsuit filed against alleged drunk driver in fatal crash

A 23-year-old Illinois man who was allegedly driving drunk when he crashed into a taxi on May 2, resulting in the death of a 26-year-old passenger, is facing a wrongful death lawsuit from the woman's family. The taxi was traveling north on Lake Shore Drive around 2 a.m. when the man hit it head-on while driving the wrong way.

The woman and another passenger were not wearing seat belts, and both were partially ejected from the vehicle. The wrong-way driver reportedly had a blood alcohol content level of .195 percent. He was charged with two counts of aggravated DUI causing accident or bodily harm and one count of aggravated DUI causing accident or death. He is also facing misdemeanor charges of improper use of a controlled access highway and DUI.

Illinois pedestrian killed in crosswalk by alleged drunk driver

On August 24 accident in Humboldt Park claimed the life of a 55-year-old male pedestrian, reportedly. According to authorities, the fatal incident took place on North Avenue.

That is where the 55-year-old man was hit by a truck as he was walking in a crosswalk, authorities said. The accident left the man with multiple injuries and in critical condition. Emergency personnel transported him to Illinois Masonic Hospital, where he ultimately died as a result of his injuries.

Big rig involved in freeway wreck that kills Chicago resident

An August 15 accident involving a semi-truck and a car on Interstate 65 in Crown Point, Indiana, claimed the life of a Chicago woman, reportedly. Three other individuals involved in the crash suffered injuries, authorities stated.

Officials said that the fatal truck accident happened near the highway's 248.4-mile marker at about 10:17 p.m. That is when a 26-year-old man heading north in a semi-trailer crashed into a disabled Hyundai on the shoulder of the highway, according to authorities. The driver of the Hyundai had pulled over on account of a flat tire, reportedly. She turned on her emergency blinkers and was in the process of making a cellphone call for assistance when the accident occurred, authorities said.

Family of deceased cab driver files lawsuit against UberX driver

On Aug. 21, it was reported that the son of a cabdriver who was killed in a car accident in a north Chicago suburb filed a wrongful death claim against the driver who apparently caused the accident. The crash took place on June 8 on the Jane Addams Tollway.

The accused driver, a 45-year-old man, was returning from giving an UberX ride in his SUV when he collided with the cab. The impact from the collision caused the cab to burst into flames, killing the driver. The UberX driver was not injured. A sergeant with the Illinois State Police stated that the accused driver was driving too fast for the road conditions. Following the accident, he was cited for improper lane use, failing to reduce his speed and causing a crash.

Chicago man taken into custody for fatal pedestrian accident

A Chicago man was taken into police custody on Aug. 13 on suspicion of hitting and killing a pedestrian with a borrowed vehicle on Nov. 17. According to the news source, he was accused of fleeing the scene of the accident following the incident.

The 26-year-old man allegedly struck the woman in the 11000 block of North Mason Avenue during the early morning. Police stated that the man exited the vehicle following the collision, and, when he saw that he had struck someone, he returned to the vehicle and left. The man then reportedly drove around the block once and then returned to his home.

3-vehicle accident leaves 1 dead, 1 injured

A three-vehicle accident that occurred near the Illinois-Wisconsin state line on Aug. 8 left one women dead. According to the report, the incident took place at the 200th Avenue and State Line Road intersection in Kenosha County, Wisconsin. The sheriff's department stated that alcohol did not appear to be a contributing factor in the collision.

Police stated that around 11 a.m., an 81-year-old man was traveling west when he failed to stop at a red light. He then collided with a northbound semi-truck that was pulling a flatbed. The collision between these two vehicles caused the truck to strike a truck that was hauling a horse trailer.

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