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Chicago nursing home faces lawsuit over patient care

Those who have placed a loved one in a nursing home likely expect that the nursing home will actually feel like a home to Their family member. There are many residents of nursing homes who go through their days in the home without any problems. Other residents, however, have serious problems that can sometimes lead to death. A recent case filed in the Cook County Circuit Court shows how important it is for family members to be well aware of how their loved ones are being treated.

The case has to do with a man who passed away on Oct. 4, 2012. He was a resident of the nursing home in Inverness, Illinois. He required a high level of assistance and supervision. The estate of the man filed the lawsuit against Rosewood Care Center of Inverness and Bravo Care of Inverness.

Medical mistake by doctor could harm patients and defies FDA

If you're being treated for cancer in Illinois, the news that a doctor close by in Ohio has been bringing in unapproved drugs may surprise you. The FDA does monitor drugs to make sure they're safe, and imports like this could put you at risk. Malpractice lawsuits take place for incidents ranging from minor mishaps and serious medical mistakes, and in this case, a doctor has been fined for importing a drug that isn't approved for use. That doctor is just one of seven who will have to pay close to $2.6 million in restitution and fines for importing the unapproved drugs.

According to the story, the 56-year-old doctor with offices located in Calcutta has been fined by a federal judge and ordered to pay $1.14 million in civil settlement costs and fines. The doctor had admitted to bringing in a shipment of drugs across the border and into the country. The drugs were apparently not approved by the FDA.

Mom files lawsuit in Cook County over son's death

Parents don't expect to have to bury their children, even if those children are adults. When a child's life is cut short because of the negligence of someone else, the parents likely want to hold the person accountable who was responsible for their child's death. For one mother, taking action is how she is handling her 26-year-old son's death.

Her son was riding his bicycle on last May in the 1300 block of North Clybourn Avenue in Chicago, Illinois. He was struck by a man who was driving a Mercedes-Benz. The 29-year-old man who was driving the car, as well as the man's employer, AllYouCanDrink, LLC, are listed as the defendants in the lawsuit the mother filed in Cook County circuit court.

4 injured in Illinois truck accident caused by heavy winds

In most cases, motorists are to blame for accidents on the roadways. However, in some cases, extreme weather conditions can contribute to serious crashes. That was allegedly what happened when a semi truck tried to pass another truck during a rainstorm coupled with heavy winds.

The multi-vehicle crash happened on the morning of April 3 on I-74 in Ogden, about two-and-a-half hours outside Chicago. A 27-year-old man was in the left lane attempting to pass a semi in the right lane during a rainstorm. The truck hit heavy winds and the driver lost control, hitting a median and hitting two vehicles head-on.

Medical mistake leads to $10.6 million award for woman's family

Many Illinois residents struggle with weight issues and in order to lose weight, they may turn to surgery as a last resort. Bariatric surgery is not without its risks, but most patients don't expect to die from it. Unfortunately, that was what happened to a Kentucky woman less than a month after she had the surgery performed.

The woman had laparoscopic bypass surgery performed in December 2009. After the initial surgery, the woman had to undergo a second surgery in order to repair a leak in the abdominal area. After the surgery, the woman continued to experience a fever and high blood pressure. Despite this, she was released from the hospital on Jan. 8. The woman died five days later. She was only 39 years old. The autopsy found green pus in her liver and pelvis area, along with intestines that were falling apart.

Illinois man faces charges in fatal car accident

An Illinois man is facing charges after he rear-ended a man in Skokie, resulting in his death. The man died from brain injuries after the March 30 car accident on Edens Expressway. Police are ruling the man's death an accident.

The fatal crash happened in the early morning hours after a man driving an Audi hit the victim's Chevy truck. The truck rolled over twice, and the 26-year-old man died at the scene. The Audi was allegedly speeding at the time of the accident.

Employees face charges in nursing home accident, neglect

When Chicago residents cannot care for their dependent loved ones, they may consider a nursing home. Nursing home employees are supposed to provide adequate care to patients, but unfortunately, that is not always the case. Sadly, many employees abuse and neglect their patients. Ten nursing home employees are facing charges for nursing home neglect.

The nurses and nursing assistants were caught on tape purposely neglecting a man at Blossom North Nursing Home in New York. The employees failed to monitor the man's blood sugar levels and administer his medications. He was also left alone immobilized for hours. It is also believed that the nurses covered up the neglect by falsifying documents.

Speeding van causes car accident, kills officer

It's always tragic when a police officer -- a brave person who puts his or her life on the line every day to protect citizens -- is killed in a senseless accident. A Chicago police officer, on his way home from work, lost his life after the driver of a speeding van plowed into his car.

The off-duty police officer, a 10-year veteran, was pronounced dead at the scene. His Lexus was crushed in the car accident. The occupants of the van were taken into custody but have not been charged with any crime as of yet.

Chicago woman dies in freak workplace accident

When people think of unsafe work environments, the industrial and construction industries may come to mind. But the truth is, accidents can happen in any working environment. A Chicago thrift store worker was recently killed while sorting clothing. A co-worker came upon a sock that felt like it had something inside it. When he tried to get the object out of the sock, a gun came out and fatally shot the woman.

This tragic workplace accident happened at Unique Thrift Store in Chicago in early March. The two employees were sorting donated clothing when the .22 handgun fell out of the sock. The gun fired and shot the 55-year-old woman in the chest. She was taken to Advocate Christ Medical Center, where she died of her injuries. The woman was a 25-year veteran employee of the thrift store.

2 arrested in Chicago on felony charges for nursing home abuse

Many Americans trust nursing home staff to properly care for their loved ones. It would be appalling to learn that their parents, siblings and other family members would be subject to an assault by these employees, but that was the case in a Chicago nursing home. Two workers are now facing charges.

Authorities were notified on March 13 that an assault had occurred at the Rosewood Care Center two days earlier. Two employees had not only struck a resident, but captured the incident on tape. Fortunately, the elderly victim was unharmed. Both employees face felony charges for the alleged battery and illegal videotaping.

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